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The Australian almond industry is the second largest in the world continuing to expand during 2019/20 with winter plantings adding a further 4,548 hectares taking the total orchard area to 53,014 hectares. Almonds are a highly suitable crop for horticultural production in Southern Australia with a high return per megaliter of water used and are a product with a long shelf life compared with fruit and vegetables, providing a longer marketing season. Almonds contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, and so they may offer a number of health benefits. Just a handful of almonds — approximately 1 ounce — contains one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.

Main characteristics that define the Australian Almonds are:

Almonds, though considered to be nuts are technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, which is a medium-sized tree that bears fragrant pink and white flowers. The fruit, botanically referred to as a drupe has an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed inside.

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